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Avian Flu - Hoax or Threat

The Avian Flu is in the news a lot lately. The question is, is it a real threat, or a clever hoax? If someone came up to me and asked that question, I would have to tell them it is a hoax.

The Avian flu, like the bird flu, is just a way to scare the public into running to their doctor or other source of a vaccine.

The world health (disease) propaganda machine knows how to work the press. That is why every year, they come up with a new threat, or revive an old one. They live on the fear of the people. They use big scary words like pandemic.

They want you to believe the threat it real. That millions will die if they don’t rush out and get a flu shot.

They want you to donate to do research that is going nowhere.

So now you are most likely asking why would I say this?

The truth is that the flu, no matter what they chose to name it, is a body instituted healing crisis. It has nothing to do with a virus. They have never proven that a virus has caused one case of the flu. They are not able to isolate the flu virus, and have someone touch it, or breath it or eat a small amount of it, and get sick.

There has never been any proof that there is any benefit to a flu shot.

On the other hand, there have been many cases of people who have gotten the flu shot, who have gotten the flu, or have died as a result of taking a flu shot. Flu shots are purely a money making scheme.

There is a simple, no cost, way to prevent the flu. There is a simple, no cost, way to overcome the flu once you have it. In my health course available online I go into greater detail, but here is a brief summery of what millions of people do to prevent or overcome the flue.

First understand that is an excess of toxic chemicals in the body, and a lack of the tools the body needs to build health, which cause the flu. Most people in industrialized societies eat processed foods laced with all sorts of toxic chemicals. They eat very little raw fruit and vegetables.

So to get rid of, or prevent the flu, you need to eat a diet such as the Genesis 1:29 diet or the Hallelujah diet, or some other diet which focuses on raw fruit and vegetables.

This diet will not overload the body with toxic chemicals. This diet is not too high in protein. It has been proven that the high protein diet, recommended by the world health system, makes the body more sensitive to toxic chemicals, and is a direct cause of disease.

The result is that when people eat too much chemicals and too much protein, they set them selves up for disease. The truth is that you should be thrilled that your body has the energy to have the flue.

So if you come down with the flu it has been demonstrated that the best thing to do is what I do. I go to bed or rest, I drink only water or fresh pressed fruit or vegetable juice. I eat no animal products or solid food until all symptoms are gone.

The flu is a healing crisis. By water or juice fasting, you allow your body to focus its energy on removing the toxic chemicals. If you do this all symptoms should be gone in 48 to 72 hours.

If you cheat, or take drugs to hide, or suppress, the symptoms, it will take your body much longer to remove the toxic chemicals at the root of the problem.

Taking drugs to fight the flu can result in death. If you successfully cause the flu symptoms to go away with drugs, or some other home remedy, you could face a much worse health challenge in the future as a direct result.

Think about it, if your body is not able to eliminate the toxic chemicals fast enough, it has to store them in your fat or joints or other tissue, so they will not kill you.

They will stay with you until some other crisis causes your body to try again. There will be that much more for it to deal with the next time, unless you change the way you live.

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