Kamis, 18 April 2013

Engagement rings-choosing a colored diamond

Most preferred style diamond engagement ring is those with a colourless or white stone. The greater purity the most valuable is nominal, rated on a scale from D to Z D accounts for colorless stones on the upper end of the scale, which then falls gradually to Z as signs of impurities are found, with signs of yellowish or brownish color such a diamond diamonds. Most often a colorless stone is chosen because it is able to produce a brilliant sparkle when set on a gold ring or Platinum, which further improves its appearance.

However, the colored diamonds are starting to become a more common sight in engagement rings because of their individual tone, hue, saturation, and their rarity. So, if you’re looking for a ring with a gemstone that is truly unique and able to stand out, you might consider the fancy colored diamonds. Intense colored diamonds can be very expensive, especially because of their rarity and often consists of such colours as pure pink, Brown and purple. Although common colored stones are available, and these include diamonds in yellow, orange and blue.

A point to note with colored diamonds is that they don’t shine brightly as colorless or white counterparts. Because of this, an elegant round brilliant cut is not often recommended for coloured stones, so often has made an alternative cut, which takes into account the unique proportions and diamond inclusions. A cutter must evaluate what form will reach the highest possible brilliance. In addition, due to the fact that these stones do not shine more, may well benefit to have the diamond set in a ring of pale or white colored, as this has the potential to make the stone appear more dominant.

The appearance of a Diamond’s color is due to crystallization. The different materials that surrounds a stone during the crystallization process can have a significant impact on the final aspect of the diamond. If the yellowish colored diamonds, this is due to large amounts of nitrogen is absorbed during crystallization, while a diamond with a pinch of bluish; This is formed when a chemical element as it is born, it is absorbed.

A precious colored stone is evaluated several alternatives. Price assessments are often based on rarity and the intensity of a particular color. Of course stone sourced in one of the rare colors are extremely difficult to detect and therefore more expensive to purchase a white stone.

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